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As the next stop was reached, the train slowed down, and the man looked back at her. It started moving again and Mackenzie sighed, unsure of what that had been about. A few passers-by opened their umbrellas and continued their paths, not noticing or caring about his annoyance. Meetings and interviews had maintained him occupied throughout.

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'Well, you are getting wet again, here.' She said, failing to hide her amusement.He went up the stairs and exchanged a few words with the old woman, who nodded gratefully.He turned himself around, grabbing both bags as he accompanied her pace down the stairs.It was a cosy little place that reminded him of something off a stereotypical American movie. ' Someone behind the counter shouted: 'I'll greet you as Sir Porkshop from now on! The large man shot him a quick look, before telling Mackenzie: 'He's gotten himself a point.' He started to leave but first gave him a rough pat on the shoulder."Mike's Diner" was what the sign above it flashed, as the night descended on them. He was the fattest person he'd ever seen, with more double-chins than he could count, and neatly cropped blonde hair. ' 'We've been over this, Robbie: it's either Sir Fat Ass or nothin'! 'What's the order then, for you and pretty boy here? ' Mike asked, still not prying his eyes away from the pad he was writing on. 'Still on the negatives though, pretty boy.' After he left, Jarno could tell Mackenzie was enjoying the show. ' 'It's like it is with you: it's not bad, I'm just not sure if you'll treat me the same after you know...' Jarno wondered what she could possibly fear from her secret, feeling curiosity fill him.

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