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Go to Glough's house again - search the cupboard and you will find his journal.After reading the journal, you find out that Glough, unlike his ancestors, wants to come out of hiding and launch an attack on the humans.He had gone to the "gnome on the hill" and gave him the "seal" in exchange for the rocks.

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Talk to Charlie while you are in the cell and he says that if you want to gather more information about Glough's plans, you will need to talk to the foreman at the Shipyard.

Go up the ladder to the top floor of the tree and talk to the prisoner, whose name is Charlie.

When you interrogate him for a motive, he will blurt out that he was only doing what Glough had paid him to do.

After using the translation book, it reads: Return to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree.

When he asks you for any information that you may have obtained, pass over to him the translation of Hazelmere's message.

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    Over the past few months, I’ve been contacted by a good number of readers who have had problems downloading our guides, or why they can’t see the login buttons or comments not loading; and in 99% of cases, it’s because they’re running one these plugins – Ad Block, No Script, or Ghostery – which I shall hereby refer to as the “trifecta of evil”. Matt has already written an extensive article on why Ad Block plugin is destroying the Internet, but I want to throw my own opinion in here too.